Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 23 - A new beginning

Tuesday April 26th 2011
Washington, DC

Okay so instead of making you read about how I spent 3 hours at Dufferin Mall, watched Tron and did a general lot of nothing this weekend. So I took a break, a breather, and now I am back it.

Today I left Toronto and headed south, but not alone this time.  My good friend Anna was crazy enough to join my whirlwind adventure and deal with my terrible car singing.  It was a great day of driving, and you know what?  The border guard was fantastic, he was confused as to why I had just moved to Toronto on Friday and was leaving today, but thats okay.  Confusion is better than anger/ accusation and fear that they usually convey.   So on the way to Cleveland today I turned and said to Anna "Have you ever been to Pittsburgh?"  She hadn't, and knowing that Cleveland at this time of year wouldn't blow my mind, I turned and headed to Penguin town.  Very cool city, it has lots of big buildings and bridges which I really enjoy.  Plus it had this tunnel when you leave that felt like you were just falling straight down.  

Then from Pittsburgh we were going to head to Charlestown, WV but it didn't look like much happened there, so again I asked "Anna, Have you ever been to DC?"  Long story short, 20$ in toll booths later we were here.  Well we are here.  Late night wandering around looking for food in DC is almost completely useless, amazing that a city that does all its work during the day doesn't have food at night.  NOT.  We were walking to the Washington Monument and right next to the Department of Defence when we heard "HEY YOU CAN NOT GO THERE, STOP! COME HERE"  ahh!!!!  We were going to get shot, and for what crime you ask?  We crossed the invisible line that makes walking towards a building look like you are going to do something dangerous.   

Did I mention it is like 25 Degrees and humid? awesome.  Did I also mention that we (the collective team blue WE)  destroyed the champs? good bye Chicago.  Did you see how excited we were? I sure did.  Heart beat back to regular for a few days at least.  


Song of the day - Nothing But The Whole Wide World - Jakob Dylan.

Washington Monument.

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