Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 24.

Wednesday April 27th 2011
Savannah, GA

Well today was hot.. So very hot In fact we tried to make our own DIY A/C unit for the car. It didn't work well because the heat was just so hot. We left lovely Washington DC this morning and decided that the best course was the coast, down through the Carolinas to north western Georgia.

After numerous stops to sit in the shade, rest and try and get our body temperature down we ended up in Rowland North Carolina for some gas. It was like something out of a movie, trees sprawled out across the streets, houses pinned by massive branches and limbs. The town was hit by a tornado last weekend with winds up to 100mph. I have seen a few little storms here and there that leave a few branches and a small path of destruction, but this was amazing. I don't think I want to live in a tornado area.

We finished a long day (1000km) of driving in Savannah, which is a really cool place. Cool in the design and general feel of the town, not the temperature. We wandered around very briefly before finding Vinny Van Go Gos, a little pizza place with a very cool feel to it. It was very tasty, and I had no problem at all devouring half a pizza.

Tomorrow is off to Orlando to pick up the last 2 passengers before joining the reported 500,000 other people in Cape Canaveral for the 2nd last launch of the space shuttle. Pretty darn excited.

Beer is waiting so is bed. Cheers

Song of the day. At Or With Me - Jack Johnson.

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